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Infographics Take Two: The Content of a PR Brief

16 Jan

After my first attempt at creating an infographic I knew it needed practise so here is my second attempt using a couple of different tools when presenting information on what content needs to go into a PR brief. I used the Wordle tool to illustrate all the basic elements within a brief and to highlight their importance with the most commonly used words/phrases becoming enlarged within the image. I think this is a good way to show information on a basic level, however when it comes to giving more detail there is some limitations in terms of explanation within the image. I think Wordle infographics often need to be supported by a written explanation and so are not the most creative way to present information:

The next tool I used was from Gliffy which offers several different formatted templates to choose from when creating your infographic. I chose to use a flow chart/ organisation format as I thought it would illustrate the stages of planning a PR brief clearly. It made it easier to segment the areas within a brief and show the overall plan clearly. I used subheadings and contained bullet points to make the image more detailed and easily understandable. I thought Gliffy offered more detail within it’s infographic options in comparison to Wordle, however it still didn’t look very impressive or creative:

Both of these tools offer the basics for infographics but I am looking forward to being able to use visual.ly as it looks to have a lot more interesting capabilities that give flexibility and creative advantage to the user.