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Guerrilla Marketing: Creative Communications

6 Feb

Kitkat GMGuerrilla Marketing demonstrates slightly unconventional methods of promotion within the PR/marketing industry. This method can be low in expenses and work well to gain media attention as well as giving publics a first hand experience of the brand/product/concept. Guerrilla marketing is a unique way of illustrating the culture of an organisation, brand, product, person or concept, it removes the barrier of the media within the communications and presents the message directly to the desired public.

It is usually hard to target specific consumers with this method of communication but does allow the product to be delivered straight to them proactively, it means the organisation does not have to wait for the customer to come to them and can satisfy communication goals with real word of mouth promotion. To be successful guerrilla marketing needs to be approachable, energetic, knowledgeable, fun, enthusiastic and committed to the represented brand these elements and a creative flair will encourage the ultimate result which entails the campaign appearing in the media along with the viewer sharing through viral activity. The key concept is drawing the correct type of attention needed to improve the brand’s image, humour counts a lot within guerilla marketing, creating the right brain storm with enthusiastic members brainstorming is essential to providing a truly creative idea. A downside is that it may not always work in everyone’s favour; some publics may become offended by what they see or even disappointed in the brand/product because of their actions this means there needs to be a crisis management plan in place when planning guerrilla activity. There needs to be consideration taken towards surroundings,  for example graffiti may cause damage to an area that will only reflect badly on any organisation, keeping within the law is also very important to avoid any negative coverage.

This type of marketing does not have to be done outdoors and can take place digitally some brands use social networking sites to create great guerrilla marketing and other techniques would be SEO or website takeovers, there are a few examples at the end of this blog. Some organisations have incorporated augmented reality within their stunts such as Lynx with the fallen angel campaign.

Guerrilla marketing is there initially to gain attention form consumers but this needs to be kept in their minds for future reference. This needs some planned follow up activity so make the guerrilla experience memorable, this could mean for example using posters or flyers for people to keep as a reminder about the event. Some organisations such as T-Mobile turned their activity into a TV advertising campaign to refresh peoples memory of their innovative actions. Using mobile marketing might help to jog peoples memory with the use of location based software etc.

I think guerrilla marketing is an exciting way to get the message across about a brands values and culture creating a general buzz and through further activity can firmly place a brand in the back of the consumers mind. Some good recent examples of guerrilla marketing can be seen on this Creative Guerilla Marketing site here are a few examples:

The Ikea Pop Up:








Olla Condoms use of Facebook for guerrilla marketing: