Practising Infographics

21 Nov

Creating infographics has become one of the most popular ways to illustrate information. Infographics are particularly useful to a PR professional when looking into good ways to present information to clients or for showing research results. With the introduction of big data being so prominent in modern day communications this simple and attractive way of demonstrating results is integral to including all the relevant information.

I have attempted to create my own inforgaphics using a free web tool called Many Eyes, this tool was fairly simple to use and publish the results but the options on how to present the information were limited. Here are the example infogrpahics I put together showing the usage of different social media platforms in the UK taken from data across one month.

The images show results for Facebook:































There are far better examples of inforgraphics available online, all coming form online tools providing a more varied experience than the ones I have made from Many Eyes. The site  looks promising in provding plenty of ways to produce a professional infographic, however the site is not available to use at present. Here’s an example of a detailed and mixed data infographic I have found (this is the type of infographic being used in the industry):

These infographics look professional and can be used in a business situation, I hope to be able to gain experience in using more technical methods to produce infographics in the near future as it is important for any PR student to look at new ways to present information. Lots of PR agency blogs feature relevant infographics and this helps them to show off their capabilities. One of the best things about infographics is that they are comprehensible throughout many different parts of the world and can be understood for many years in the future.


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